Our Idea

The idea for Westlands Advisory originated following a coffee between two ex colleagues on London’s South Bank. We’d spent many years consulting in the security industry and recognised a number of challenges. Suppliers rarely had fresh and engaging approaches to selling their solutions, innovators trying to change the status quo were held back, whilst security professionals struggled to gain the budgets they need to manage the risk from increasingly malicious threats.


We believe that beyond information about the latest threats and new products, there is an opportunity for industry to share ideas, collaborate and work together to develop new approaches to security. Through our knowledge, networks and commitment to a safer world, our aim is for Westlands Advisory to become an organisation that connects people, delivers deep insights and inspires innovation and new approaches to security.

Who we are

Why Us

We place the client at the centre of our projects, use a clear and transparent approach and leverage all of our industry experience to deliver high quality results.










High Customer Satisfaction

Transparent Methodologies


Robust QA Process

Security Experience

Large Global Network

Deep Industry Knowledge

Westlands Advisory Management

Steven Webb

Co Founder & Director

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Anthony Leather

Co Founder & Director

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Ajay Sule

Director of Partnerships & Strategy

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Industry Advisors

Tom Knierim

Industry Advisor - Aviation & Border Technology

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