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Westlands Advisory’s founders have worked extensively across the security industry, helping technology firms, government and financial services organisations to make well informed decisions about their business strategy and investments. When talking to clients we realised a problem existed – data and analysis provided to the industry was often inconsistent, confused and divergent. Depending on the source of data, estimates on customer budgets, industry size and growth, profitability and pricing could be widely different. The problem is becoming more acute due to the increasing number of information providers and the wide difference in quality. 

Westlands Advisory was founded with the aim of becoming the leading source of reference for the security industry. Our mission is to help industry, governments and security practitioners to minimise business risk and improve performance through an evidence based approach to analysis and strategy development. WA’s work is based on using our proprietary databases, knowledge and networks, giving our clients the confidence to follow our insights and make positive changes to their business.



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Steven Webb
Managing Partner

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Anthony Leather
Managing Partner

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