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The cybersecurity market is complex, competitive and investment continues in linewith the growth of digital enterprises, a focus on regulatory compliance andthe need to respond to evolving threats. Complexity exists due to the increasing threat landscape that customers face, driven by the increasing number of devices stored on networks, critical data and applications stored in the cloud and the need to ensure the security of vulnerable OT systems. The need for products and services to prepare, protect, detect and respond to cyber threats has resulted in thousands of cyber organisations, ranging from point solutions to full systems integration and managed services, culminating in a dynamic and highly competitive supplier landscape. Governments are prioritising cyber and digital industries, private equity and investment banks are heavily invested and large multinationals are increasing their cyber portfolios, which has resulted in a buoyant M&A industry.


Although the industry is growing not everybody is successful. Organisations continue to be breached and are increasingly resigned to the fact that total security is possible, resulting in increasedinvestment in detection and response, and astrong managed service market. Not all cyber organisations aresuccessful. Whilst a number are performing strongly with growth rates in excess of 10% and the industry average, many are struggling to grow. Interms of governments, some are much more effective than others at nurturing the start-up community.

How we help

Westlands Advisory and associates have worked with a range of organisations to help them address issues related to business growth and risk assessment.


Analysis of Industry Competitiveness

Export Strategy

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Third Party Insight

Marketing and Promotion

Business Planning

Strategy Support


Security Audit

Risk Assessment

Supplier Analysis

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