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Research & Development in the UK Security Sector Survey

The Integrated Review (IR) sets out the PM’s vision for the UK in 2030: a stronger, more secure, prosperous and resilient Union, and a problem-solving and burden-sharing nation with a global perspective, creating new foundations for our prosperity, and adapting to a more competitive world through an integrated approach.   

The IR highlights new priorities including a more active and strategic approach to science and technology - creating the enabling environment for a thriving ecosystem in the UK to build and sustain a durable competitive edge globally.  This will be essential in fortifying and extending the position of the UK as a global leader in strategy and technology, as well as helping the UK to build back safer post COVID. 

The National Security Technology and Innovation Exchange (NSTIx) is a UK cross-government Partnership tasked with co-ordinating, cohering and scaling science, technology and innovation to strengthen UK National Security and increase UK prosperity, a key IR commitment to support a more strategic approach to science and technology.  To support its work, NSTIx is in the process of understanding future security technology themes, innovation and investment challenges. This will build on the IR's call for evidence in summer 2020.  

Westlands Advisory are working on behalf of NSTIx to engage with the UK security industry to build insight related to current and future R&D activity and intensity. We are asking companies to participate through an online survey and in depth discussions with the project team. 

The outcome of the project will help the NSTIx Partnership, including key government departments, to understand where government intervention and attention may be required to help foster innovation across the national security landscape.

The following survey will take 5-10 minutes to complete. All responses are encrypted to ensure that your information is kept secure. Information you provide will be kept confidential within the project team. No company data will be publicly released. If you have any questions about the survey or would prefer to discuss your answers please contact the project team at or 

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