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10 Trends Shaping Security to 2024

Digitalisation, evolving threats and changing market dynamics will have the greatest impact on the security industry over the next five years

The global security market continues to evolve at a rapid pace influenced by several key trends. In January 2019 Westlands Advisory completed an analysis of the global security market titled ‘State of Security’. The report was conducted by analysing a list of over 100 political, technological, industrial, competitive and industry trends that influence the security market. WA identified the top 10 trends that we feel will have the greatest impact over the next 5 years.

The trends identified will have an effect on the market in different ways. They will stimulate greater investment in technologies, increase budgets, change regulation, influence security operational procedures and disrupt the business models across the security industry. The rate of change will be driven by multiple factors and the complexity of the industry means that all these trends will impact each other.

Westlands Advisory’s State of Security provides a thorough analysis of how these trends will evolve between 2019 – 2024.

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