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Growing current business

Slowing sales in a maturing business is a common challenge and whilst executives often have brilliant ideas, they neither have the management time, resources or evidence to gain support for implementing new initiatives. Westlands Advisory provides management teams with the additional support required, stress testing concepts, delivering independent insight and evidence to support change.

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Creating new initiatives and business opportunities 

Large businesses can become myopic unless they constantly challenge themselves internally and look outwards to customers, competitors and third parties to generate new ideas. Westlands Advisory helps organisations to refresh its innovation pipeline, providing the business and financial projections to support investment decisions.


Selling ideas internally and building collaborative teams

Great ideas are not always followed through or implemented due to conflicting business priorities or a lack of organisational buy-in. Based on providing evidence and using collaborative tools, Westlands Advisory can help management teams get staff aligned to new initiatives, increasing the speed and success of adoption

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Assessing security risks and ensuring business continuity

As the globalisation and complexity of digital ecosystems grows, the greater the risk of systemic shocks and cyber-attacks to any organisation. We provide security and political risk services to support global businesses manage country risk, as well as consulting services to help organisations adopt best-in-class Business Continuity Management.

Solutions to Business Challenges

Westlands Advisory uses a mix of proprietary data, open-source intelligence and industry perspectives, to deliver an entirely transparent research methodology from data collection to strategy implementation. Our tried and tested toolkits help build market analysis, conduct company diagnostics and support implementation of business and operational strategies.


Westlands Advisory offers a range of strategy services supported by reliable data and leading industry insight.

High quality analysis predicated on structured data is critical to effective business decisions. Westlands Advisory provides Industry Analysis through industry sponsored research and proprietary research.

Industry Analysis

Westlands Advisory leverages its security industry knowledge and strategy experience to support organisations with a variety of business and operational challenges. Business Advisory Services include market strategy, business planning and strategy development. Operational Services include Business & Continuity Management and security operations strategy.

Advisory Services

Westlands Advisory dedicates a significant amount of time to discussing today’s security industry challenges, how these will evolve and tomorrow’s potential solutions. As thought-leaders on the future of security, we not only advise industry and government, but our directors and associates deliver key note speeches and workshops to help organisations think about what the future means to them.

Thought Leadership

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